Testimonial Client photographer Boston


I am a professional artist who likes nice yet functional things in general. I have been providing photography services last couple of years locally through word of mouth but never took it online unless through Insta account with a big community but not many local hits. The COVID times made me realize that it's time for a professional website including a bit of branding. I like to work with Europeans and I found Jana on Google. She knows the Boston marketing environment while she is an amazing technical creative web developer with design experience. I am gonna be honest I really liked her banner on her own company website with her business card on it. I thought it's very unique and I have never seen such before. With QR code to make a connection with my website very easy for my clients. So, of course, I wanted a bis card from Jana as well. In the past, I tried to make my own logo but I let Jana do what she can and I loved the result so much. She made me three choices of logos to pick from. Overall I feel my branding fits New England style. Funny enough we met with Jana only once everything was otherwise easy to communicate online. Even troubleshooting fonts styles on my android phone we were able to do remotely. The money is worth spent. I have never had anything in such value provided. She even made my Facebook business page and posted 5 relevant posts to start it and much more. It's a true pleasure to have this done from Jana. Would recommend all of her services.