Testimonial Business Card Client photographer Boston


I wanted a website but when I saw Jana's header on her own website I decided to go with new business cards as well. Jana ordered the first 100pcs and I am already on the second pack of 100. I work a lot with people and get so many compliments on the style. When meeting clients for the first time, they look more as if I gave them a personal gift than a business card. They really seem to take it seriously because there is that face of mine. Love it. A very nice touch for the overall branding of my business. Get Jana if you want some creative things to do.

Testimonial Business Card Client photographer Boston


I am a professional working in the California wine industry, where networking is the fundamental way we do business and it’s difficult to stand out within a very saturated industry. I worked with Jana because I needed a networking tool that better resonates with the people I meet, and offers an efficient way to share information and stay connected. The stylist aspect of the cards she designs is very additive when connecting with someone new. The combination of photo, professional highlights, QR link to more detail, and the quality look and feel of the card makes this tool very powerful! Most people I’ve engaged with haven’t seen business cards of this caliber. We worked remotely from different coasts and the experience was seamless. There was even a small issue with the first printing we did and she addressed it beyond expectations. I recommend Jana’s services to anyone looking to be an early adopter into this advanced networking tool!

Testimonial Business Card Client photographer Boston


MY world revolves around one startup here in Boston. And you never know with startups where it will go. You are always out there to make new contacts. And I like nice things and different and I don't want to waste anybody's time. So when I saw QR code on the card I just wanted them. It was a pleasure to work with Jana and a very quick turn around on design options. I highly recommend her.