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Web Developer | Designer | Freelancer
Accepting new projects.

We offer developing pixel-perfect responsive websites that work across all browsers and screen sizes, including mobile devices. We have recently expanded our skillset for designing logos and social media banners while our unique business card with QR code has been famous for some time.


Front End Web Developer | full-time
Continuum IT Managed Services, Boston

Worked in a company of 1400+ employees. Directly supported 15+ employees. Collaborated closely with UX designers, video producers and SEO specialists. Created many web assets including websites, landing pages and email templates.

Web Development Immersive
General Assembly, Boston

Completed 12-week intensive training program in a fully collaborative professional environment. I learned the most efficient practices for developing full-stack web applications while getting to know GitHub and other tools to successfully finish the project assignments. Feel free to look at my work on GitHub.



Past work

Product Page Example

Product Page After

Used Flexbox CSS to create a seamless pixel-perfect layout together with clickable and automatic slide shows on mobile to use available space wisely. Embedded Wistia responsive video into the page as well.

Company Homepage - 2018

Company Home Page

The company homepage took many redesigns. This one is from 2018. Notice the design "before". I used an inside image GIF for a snippet of a product platform.

Navigate User Conference - Hub Stations

Navigate Conference Landing Page

Created landing page to let our partners book an appointment through calendly plugin at our promoted stations here at Boston Seaport in 2018.

Navigate User Conference - Homepage

Navigate User Conference Homepage

Built website for our annual user conference - this year in Boston Seaport. Used calls to action, Wistia video and tested layout on all devices. Used countdown plugin and RSS feed.

Navigate User Conference - Speakers

Navigate User Conference Speakers

Leveraged Bootstrap for the layout, also used CSS floats and Attendify for listing speakers and for the call to action "Register Now".

Navigate User Conference - Agenda

Navigate User Conference Speakers

Developed a stylish responsive layout according to design mock. Each tab lets attendies know what the program is. Used an external plugin to display these data.

Landing Page - Webinar

Landing Page - Webinar

Supported content team with creating various web assets. The webinar has two stages - the first landing page has a date and time to register for a webinar with a different form to collect proper data. The form is hosted in HubSpot. After the webinar takes place it converts to on-demand wording including a different form to fill to get the webinar in a recorded version.


Thank you Page - Webinar

Supported content team with creating various web assets. This is a second part after a user fills a form on the webinar landing page it will get her/ him on the this page to watch the recordings. Used wistia embedded responsive javaScript snippet.


White paper - Webinar

Supported content team with creating various web assets. The user flow is as follows - the user fills the form and on the second page gets under CTA the pdf with the ebook.

Thank You Page - White Paper

Thank You Page - White Paper

Supported content team with creating various web assets. User clicks " Download Your Report" and get pdf with the content. The second content promotes a webinar to register for. The form is hosted in HubSpot.

Email Template Example

Email Template Example

Supported content team with creating various web assets. Developed this email template according to design mock. Tested it on 100 email clients to make sure that all content is rendering 100%.

Just Highlights

Full stack web application - apis highlights hockey

Full stack web app that uses the YouTube APIs to search for NHL highlights. I have directed the http requests on the YouTube server through a server side language Ruby on Rails as a standard practice. On the front end side, I have used Ember.js and handlebars. Users can add highlights to the "favorites" which is stored on the back-end in a PostgresSQL database. Then they can watch chosen higlights later or delete them.

A Survey Tool

Full stack web application - SURVEY TOOL

The full stack web app that can be used to create custom surveys, collect responses on the dashboard for specific surveys. It was a first project in the team - pair coding, decision making under pressure while moving steadily to the presentation day. We have used on the front-end side html5, css3, Bootstrap, Handlebars, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX. We have stored data in MongoDB while using Express.js, JavaScript and Heroku.

FOB Tales

Full stack web application - A BLOG

I have built a single page full-stack web application called FOB Tales - Fresh Of The Boat Tales - a blog. FOBs are called the users who sign up to create a short funny story of fresh off the boaters or, as your dad would say, recent immigrants. I have used JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, html5, css3, Bootstrap on the front-end side while Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL on the back-end side. I have also deployed on Heroku the first time.

Tic Tac Toe Browser Game

Full stack web application - A BLOG

My first full stack web app. Built user interface and basic game logic for popular Tic Tac Toe. First time using a JavaScript for a full project as well as AJAX. I have also used html5, CSS3, Sass and Bootstrap modals, jumbotron, and responsive navigation. Because It was a first project I have gotten APIs built by General Assembly. The first time deployed a live version on gh-pages. I was also given a user authentication.

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